Chimisperse FA

Inhibitor and dispersing agent for preparation and dyeing of cellulosic fibres and its blends

  • For preparation of cotton, alkaline boiling-off and bleaching
  • Prevents crystalline deposits
  • Good sequestering effect on Ca and Mg ions as well as on metal ions
  • Dispersing all kind of inorganic salts and other impurities
  • Allowing dyeing on greige fabric
  • Improves washing off of bleaching chemicals and impurities in the fibre
  • Enhancing the detergency effect of scouring agents
  • Sequestering effect for degreasing, scouring and bleaching in exhaust processes and continuous processes
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Chimigal 2RL

Dispersant and protective colloid for use in dyeing cellulose fibers and their blends

  • Dissolves and disperses impurities in the fibre
  • Prevents precipitation of hardness salts in the process water
  • Has no demetallizing effect on the dyes containing metal
  • Improves stability of reactive dyes in solution when dyeing cellulosic and polyester/cellulose blends
  • Improves the levelness and the reproducibility of dyeings and prints
  • Enhance the brilliance of dyeings
  • Not impair the fastness properties
  • Improves the dye liquor penetration through the goods
  • Low foaming
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Chimilub C

Lubricant to prevent creasing in wet processing of textiles of all fibers

  • Lowers textile to textile friction
  • Prevents permanent creases during wet processing
  • Friction textile to metal will be reduced
  • Improves the running properties of the rope
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction of the textiles
  • For use in pretreatment, dyeing and aftertreatment
  • Well suitable for using on Jet dyeing units running on high speed
  • Stable to 135°C
  • No impairment on liquor stability; no dye agglomeration
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Chimicol MP

Migration inhibitor for use in thermosol dyeing of Polyester and Polyester /Cellulose blends

  • Continuous dyeing of polyester with Disperse dyes
  • Pad dyeing of polyester/cellulose blends with disperse, vat,reactive or direct dyes
  • Continuous dyeing of pigments
  • Overcoming migration problems in padding vat pigments on cellulosic fabric
  • Improves the surface levelness of the fabric
  • Does not cause deposits on guide rollers in drying and thermosol equipment
  • Non foaming
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Chimisperse RK

Special Auxiliary with strong dispersing power for after-soaping of dyeings and prints

  • Very good removal of hydrolyzed reactive dyes
  • Good sequestering effect on Ca and Mg ions
  • Suitable for using in exhaust and continuous process
  • Can be used for washing off of polyester fibers dyed with disperse dyes
  • Highly effective as dispersing and anti-back staining agent to wash off dyeing with vat and sulfur dyes
  • Well suitable for washing off prints
  • Low-foaming


Chimifix FZF

Formaldehyde-free wet fastness improver for dyeings and prints with reactive and direct dyes on cellulosic fibres

  • Improves the wetfastness of cellulosics dyed with reactive and direct dyes
  • Mainly ‘cold fastnesses’ like water severe, perspiration alkline and washfastness are improved to a great extent
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Preventing dye migration during drying
  • Aftertreatment agents for reactive-dye prints on cellulosic fibres
  • Minor impact on the lightfastness
  • Only very slight dye-specific shade changes
  • Can be applied in exhaust method and by padding
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Chimiwet C

  • Low foaming wetting agent for continuous dyeing

Chimifoam SRB

  • Silicon content antifoaming agent


Chimisil ME

Polysiloxane micro emulsion softener for finishing of all types of fibres applicable in exhaust and padding processes

  • Provides a soft and silky handle
  • Extremely fine dispersion
  • Handle with even surface, specific softness and smoothness
  • Very high springback properties
  • Improves crease resistance and anti-wrinkle effect in combination with resins
  • Enhanced the sewability
  • High degree of whiteness, can be applied on optical whitened fabrics
  • Suitable for exhaust and padding process
  • Improves the handle on garments and its elasticity
  • Positive impact on raising and emerizing effects
  • Suitable for finishing sewing threads
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